Wildly Romantic by Norm Foster

   Feb 14  -  Dec 31, 2022   |      Online

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Wildly Romantic by Norm Foster

The Foster Festival presents Norm Foster’s first feature film: Wildly Romantic, a delightful comedy by that will leave you laughing right up to the end!

Starring Kirsten Alter, Jacob James, David Leyshon and Emily Oriold. Directed by Jane Spence.

The Foster Festival is back and showcases the heart and humour of internationally renowned Canadian playwright Norm Foster.

Set in the offices of a radio station, Wildly Romantic is a full-out romantic comedy. The Station Manager discovers that her romantic partner who is the “morning man” has been canoodling with the “all night girl”. She gives him the heave-ho and hires a new guy on the spot – experience not required! Add in her Executive Assistant and an inept lawyer looking to sue and wait for the sparks to fly.

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