A Night on The Town, At Home

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Local Mealkits, Cocktail Kits, and Family Meal Deals

It’s Friday night and it’s been a long work week. Typically, this would have been a perfect night out on the town for dinner and a drink. While we find ourselves at home, our local restaurants want to make sure you can still experience that night-out by enjoying your favourite menu items in the comfort of your home while sipping well-crafted cocktails.

It’s take out with a twist as local restaurants here in St. Catharines have created meal and cocktail kits for you. Here are a few St. Catharines based options to consider…

Chz Plz

There really is something about eating together that brings people closer together… Consider these Sharable Charcuterie Boxes, overflowing with local flavour. Customize your own charcuterie box with artisan local cheese, fruit, pickles, and preserves all beautifully assembled.

A Chz Plz charcuterie board is great as an appetizer or as the main course, it also makes a great gift for a special occasion. Shop their sharable platters here.


Fine dining without the fuss has a whole new meaning at Dispatch. Named one of Canada’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants by enRoute Magazine. Dispatch-at-home is a perfect alternative to at-home birthday and anniversary celebrations.

At a quick glance, our taste buds are screaming. Dispatch has packed their depth of expertise in the culinary and hospitality industry into each take home experience. Dispatch-At-Home is perfect for dinner or brunch with sweet and savory flavours.

With your Dispatch-At-Home kit selected, Kick it up a notch and enjoy one of the refreshing cocktail kits and bases at cocktail hour ; Perfect for the at-home creators with their own cocktail ideas.

Refreshed continuously, keep an eye out for new Dipatch-At-Home & Cocktail Kit options.

Pharmacii Cocktail Kits

Pharmacii has the cure we all are looking for, Survival Cocktail Kits. With an aesthetic that stands out from the crowd, Pharmacii started us all off in quarantine with a survival kit that got us through. Continue to master your skills with one of three cocktail kit sizes available: Small, Survival, or Big Pack.

Now, get to cure-ating your own survival cocktail kits at home with Pharmacii.

Brass Monkey Local

Inspired by New York City bars, Brass Monkey Local offers your favourite cozy foods packed in their box-style takeout options.

Highly recommended, their OG Dirty Box includes:

  • Chicken Fingers
  • Brass Monkey Crispy Fries
  • Onion Rings
  • Nacho Chips
  • Killer Dillers Quesadilla
  • Paired perfectly with a variety of dips

As a bonus if you are looking for a vegan takeout option then the Vegan Dirty Box is the one for you. Brass Monkey includes all their house-made favourites but will swap out the Chicken Fingers for Cauliflower bites.  Both the OG Dirty Box and Vegan Dirty Box include your choice of 6 pack or 4 craft tallboys!

Pull out the board games or host a virtual trivia night with the perfect spread from Brass Monkey Local. 

Yellow Pear Kitchen

Yellow Pear Kitchen delivers fresh, homemade meals right to your home. With a new menu dropped each week on Thursday’s and deliveries on the following Wednesday, you can always count on their delicious, honest meals.

Whether you have food restrictions or not, Yellow Pear Kitchen offers a variety of celiac safe gluten-free, veggie and keto meal options. Yellow Pear Kitchen created their meal service in mind of people with elderly parents to send EASY healthy food to them, or venerable people, essential workers, parents and teachers. 

The Yellow Pear spices it up a notch over special holidays and events doing fun things for date nights and valentine’s day meals so stay tuned with  what they have to offer here!

Other Options to Consider

  • Bistro MirepoixBistro Mirepoix is a peculiar little bistro located here in St. Catharines with a focus on breakfast, lunch, but mostly brunch. Anniversaries and birthday’s will be made special when you pre-order the Charcuterie & Cheese Box or Lox Box, available for two or more.
  • Dani’s Bistro & VQA Wine BarWith a newly transformed website, pre-order fresh or purchase frozen family meals any day of the week. Dani’s Bistro also offers date night and special occasion options.
  • Chaos Kitchen Meals start at $11.95 & Orders can be placed by Saturday for the following Monday or Wednesday pick up or Delivery. With options for one, two or family meals, Chaos Kitchen can be your solution to meal prepping or door dropping.
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