Art of the City Featured Artist: Ahmed Bader

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My name is Ahmed, and I am a visual/sound artist as well as a recent Brock University graduate. My practice mainly consists of painting, inkwork, and sound/video. With my painted pieces, I intend to relay to the viewer an array of vibrant abstracted landscapes portraying subjects rooted in portraiture and sculpture. My pen works serve as a medium to expand and develop my knowledge of composition, colour theory, and the foundational components of rendering line and three-dimensionality, with the intent to utilize this insight towards the production of future painted works.

Similar to my fondness in forming scenes of atmospheric abstraction, one will notice that these traits extend to and influence my audio works; sound pieces that rely heavily upon demonstrating ambience and inducing a sense of melancholic euphoria into the listener. These soundtracks are accompanied by filmed works formed through the appropriations of found video located on various streaming platforms like YouTube.

View Ahmed’s art on deviantart and YouTube.

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