Art of the City Featured Artist: Applied Theatre Projects

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Dr. Rachel Rhoades, Assistant Professor in the Dramatic Arts department at Brock University, has worked as an applied theatre practitioner, educator, and researcher with students ranging from Grade 1 to the graduate level for 14 years in community- and school-based settings in Boston, Toronto, and now in St. Catharines. Over the past two years, she has collaborated on many theatre-based projects with the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre. Her interests include solidarity-building and intersectionality in arts-based social resistance with marginalized youth.

Tiffany Harrilal is a fifth-year teacher candidate at Brock University. Tiffany is studying to become a high school Dramatic Arts and History teacher. She hopes to use her position to engage students in social justice work through theatre.

Federico Vega Faz was born in Mexico City and graduated from General Arts and Science at Niagara College. After graduation, he moved to Merida, Mexico, and is currently opening a design studio for interior design and product creation. Fede has always found inspiration in nature and neutrality, bonding different elements in balance, professionally and in his personal life. Fede is currently taking courses of design, woodwork, and epoxy resin.

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