Art of the City Featured Artist: Jermaine Marshall

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Growing up in the sunny streets of Spanish Town, Jamaica, J-Marsh was introduced to the arts at a very young age, singing soulful spiritual medleys in his local church choir and dancing to the timeless rhythms of disco pop icons like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor and ABBA.  

A storyteller at heart, he went on to develop a performative skillset, weaving together his love for spoken word poetry, vocal spell weaving and freeform dancing, as he struggled to define his identity within the often cruel and polarizing atmosphere of his home country.  

His intimate relationship with suffering, sorrow, hope and loss have served to shape him into a proud queer Jamaican vocalist and poet whose artistry seeks to create a vibrant soundscape that captures the contours of lived pain and joy within an oppressive society.

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