Art of the City

Art of the City is an online celebration of downtown St. Catharines and the creative community at the heart of our downtown core.

Through a series of online video segments that share the stories, perspectives, and dreams of local artists and their special relationship to downtown St. Catharines, Art of the City aims to connect and garner support from the larger community for our downtown businesses, venues, and events that have been struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Art of the City also includes a series of free live-streamed interactive segments hosted by Suitcase in Point, with featured artists representing a diverse cross-section of downtown St. Catharines’ arts sector, and members of the downtown business community.

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Art of the City Videos

Featured Artists

Art of the City Live with Suitcase in Point

Episode 1: The Creative & Inclusive Community in Downtown St. Catharines

Featuring Jermaine Marshall, Dr. Rachel Rhoades, and Federico Vega with Special Guests

Streaming free on Suitcase in Point’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page

Episode 2: Celebrating the Music & Visual Arts in Downtown St. Catharines

Featuring Sammy Jackson, Iain Lidstone, Ahmed Bader, and Rae Rees with Special Guests.

Streaming free on Suitcase in Point’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page

Special Thanks to Participating Artists

Downtown St. Catharines is the creative home base of a multitude of talented and tenacious artists. Suitcase in Point would like to thank the incredible community of creatives who reached out to participate in Art of the City, and the following individuals who shared their experiences, hopes, and dreams with us in developing this project.

Ahmed Bader
Marvin Dale
Katey Gatta
Emma Lee Fleury
Tiffany Harrilal
Sammy Jackson

Iain Lidstone
Macy Manolo
Jermaine Marshall
Jesse Frank Matthews
Mori McCrae
Bonez Poley

Rae Rees
Dr. Rachel Rhoades
Joanne Ring
Marcel Stewart
Federico Vega
Caitlyn Vergara

About Suitcase in Point

Founded in 2001, Suitcase in Point is a courageous ensemble of artists and producers who engage and excite the Niagara community with original multi-arts performances and events, including the In the Soil Arts Festival. Through our original work and collaborative community projects, we provide audiences with unique perspectives on contemporary life and culture. Our approach and our work aim to challenge perspectives and encourage change, tolerance, and self-awareness with an aim to promote a healthier, more connected community.

Suitcase in Point recognizes a richly diverse society in the Niagara Region and beyond, as well as a duty to promote equity across race, gender identity, ability, and more. Suitcase in Point nurtures new generation artists through mentorship and residency programs, provides studio space for development and rehearsal, and creates meaningful connections between emerging and established artists from across Canada.

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