Port Dalhousie Lighthouses

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About Port Dalhousie Lighthouses

For more than 100 years, Port Dalhousie harbour was the northern terminus of the first three Welland canals, making the town a destination and industrial centre. The Port Dalhousie lighthouses helped ships and boats enter and exit the narrow harbour.

Inner Range Lighthouse (Rear)

The current lighthouse is the third one constructed on this spot and was built in 1898. While octagonal shapes are common for coastal lighthouses, they are unusual for Great Lakes lighthouse design. The Port Dalhousie Inner Range Lighthouse is one of only three remaining lighthouses on the Great Lakes with this shape. The lighthouse was designated a historical building under the Ontario Heritage Act. The Friends of the Port Dalhousie Lighthouse restored the structure from 2000 to 2002.

Outer Range Lighthouse (Front)

According to Lighthousefriends.com, in 1878, a square, wooden tower was built at the end of a new pier, about 300 feet north of the existing main lighthouse, to form a set of range lights for entering the canal. The lighthouse was rebuilt in the 1890s.

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