LoveSTC Dog Days with Frankie and Goose

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A tail of two best friends adventuring through their furever homes

Frankie and Goose, better known by their Instagram handles as @badboy_frankie and @bestboygoose, are simply the best of friends. They love spending time with each other during playdates, which until recently wasn’t too often – these two pals used to live over an hour apart! Frankie resides in the beautiful Port Dalhousie whereas Goose resided in Cambridge. But guess what? Frankie and Goose are going to be having puppy playdates much more often. This past weekend, Goose and his family made the move to … you guessed it – St. Catharines! 

Frankie and Goose are happy to live so close to each other now and explore all St. Catharines has to offer. Goose made the move to our city just in time to help us kick off LoveSTC Dog Days with his best friend. Throughout the summer, these two will be adventuring through St. Catharines and visiting the many patios who have joined LoveSTC Dog Days to welcome dogs with yummy treats and water for their visit. Frankie can’t wait to show Goose around his favourite city (and now Goose’s favourite too!)

Before Frankie and Goose start their tour of St. Catharines’ awesome patios, they’ll be welcomed by another special pup who can’t wait to help show them around. Luna, Pup-Mayor of St. Catharines, is excited to welcome Goose to the city and can’t wait to enjoy LoveSTC Dog Days alongside her new friends, Frankie and Goose.

Frankie Meet Frankie: a wavy haired, one year old Wheaten with a golden coat and hues of black and white. This misbehaving, treat-loving, sweet as can be pup is a resident of Port Dalhousie which means he’s no stranger to the long snowy winter months, but also loves a good day at the beach. This guy loves to adventure around St. Catharines and has been doing so his entire life! With all his expertise about our wonderful city, it seems like he’d be the perfect tour guide to help another cute pup get acquainted to the area.


Meet Goose: a Brittany Spaniel with a sweet pink nose and bright blue eyes, and yes- named after a bird! This pup loves to be around nature and his friends and can’t wait for the summer months ahead. He would also love to show you his awesome bandana collection if you have time. At nine months old, Goose has gone on many adventures, but is now on one of his biggest yet. Goose just moved to St. Catharines! He can’t wait to meet up with his bestie Frankie and start exploring his new home. Goose
Luna Meet Luna: at only 10 weeks old, this cute girl already knows the ins and outs of our City. She’s already been exploring the city and visiting our participating patios with her best friend, Mayor Sendzik. Since she’s already a #LoveSTC Dog Days pro, she can’t wait to welcome Goose to the city.  She will also be sure to teach Goose and Frankie how to perfect the puppy eyes for an extra treat from the #LoveSTC Dog Days kits!

Get ready to enjoy #LoveSTC Dog Days with these awesome pups

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