Enjoy pup-friendly patios with LoveSTC Dog Days

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Luna is so excited to help us introduce LoveSTC Dog Days this summer since we know our pups love patios as much as we do.

We’re partnering with local restaurants to launch patio season with a LoveSTC Dog Days kit, complete with treats and more that we know your pup will just love!

Enjoy #LoveSTC Dog Days with these two awesome pups

Keep an eye out for the LoveSTC Dog Friendly signage at your favourite restaurant and don’t forget to read the guidelines posted at each patio – we want to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit.

Look for LoveSTC Pet Friendly Patio Signage

We can’t wait to see your pup (and you of course) at our participating patios for LoveSTC Dog Days.

Find the list of participating businesses below and stay tuned for awesome giveaways for you and your furry best friend.

Thanks to Luna and Mayor Walter Sendzik for helping us kick off our LoveSTC Dog Days.

Thanks to Little Chief for helping us curate the LoveSTC Dog Days kits!

Check out this list of patios you can visit with your pup this summer:

πŸΎβ›±οΈ The Works
πŸ“ 60 James Street St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Trust Beer Bar
πŸ“ 3 Garden Park


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Scorecard Harry’s
πŸ“ 17 Lock St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Rozie’s Cafe
πŸ“ 25 Main St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Fiddlers Pour House
πŸ“ 149 St Paul St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Monty’s Gastro Pub
πŸ“ 547 Ontario St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ The Twisted Pig
πŸ“ 1 Lock St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Feathery Pub
πŸ“ 420 Vansickle Rd.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Lock Street Brewing Co.
πŸ“ 15 Lock St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Boston Pizza Pen Centre
πŸ“ 221 Glendale Ave.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Mr. Mikes St Catharines
πŸ“ 295 Fourth Ave.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Lester d’s Reel Diner
πŸ“ 144 Hartzel Rd.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Valley Restaurant
πŸ“ 93 Arthur St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Cafe Amore
πŸ“ 211 Martindale Rd.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Kim’ s Wooden Nicol
πŸ“ 224 Lakeport Rd. Unit 1


πŸΎβ›±οΈ District Bar Downtown
πŸ“ 24 St. Paul St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Dragan Brewing and Wine
πŸ“ 100 Grantham Ave. S Unit 1


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Emerald Buffet
πŸ“ 143 Hartzel Rd.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Canadian Polish Society
πŸ“ 43 Facer St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Manhattan Bar and Grill
πŸ“ 405 Vine St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Olee’s Ale House
πŸ“ 338 Merritt St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Dispatch
πŸ“ 386 St Paul St.


πŸΎβ›±οΈ Mahtay Cafe
πŸ“ 241 St Paul St.

πŸΎβ›±οΈ The Kilt and Clover
πŸ“ 17 Lock St.

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